1 Year of Refills, a Summary Report

This Earth Day will be The Refillery’s 1 Year Anniversary, or as we refer to it, our Refill-iversary! Over the past year we’ve expanded the number of products we carry, grown our team, partnered with local makers, been nominated for local awards, held almost 20 workshops, cleaned up spills, rearranged the store…then rearranged it again…and again…and AGAIN. None of this would have been possible without the incredible support from our community. We felt embraced by the locals and were shocked when even travelers from out-of-state came to visit because they had heard of us. 

In only our 1st year we’ve been able to supply almost 10,000 refills! We know you can sometimes question if refilling your toothpaste, dish soap and hairspray makes a difference, but IT DOES! Every action no matter how big or small MATTERS! YOU have helped thousands of containers stay out of the landfills, YOU have chosen reusable over single-use and YOU have made a difference in our community and our world! 

This isn’t quite how we expected to celebrate (we wanted to throw a big celebration) but what we can celebrate is that we’re healthy and that we have the ability to continue to supply safe products to our customers during this time. 

Thank you for your support, passion for the environment and desire for natural products. We hope to continue serving the community for many years to come. Stay safe, healthy and don’t forget to #BeChillAndRefill 

The Refillery Team 

We also thought we’d share some fun refill stats from this past year:

The Refillery 1 Year Summary Report