Can you live a zero-waste life?

Living a zero-waste life means sending no waste to the landfill. That’s probably not very attainable to most of us, but it’s a great goal to work on.

To be completely transparent with you, we’re not 100% zero-waste ourselves, but we are trying.

One thing we can all do is look at our current household waste and pick one thing or area to work on. Make one change this week or this month to reduce the waste you create.

What one area do you want to work on first?

Here are a few ideas if you need some encouragement:

  • Skip the straws when you go out to eat.
  • Switch from paper towels to reusable cloth napkins and towels.
  • Switch from disposable sandwich bags in your lunch to a reusable option that you can wash.
  • Take your own coffee cup with you to the coffee shop.
  • Save your empty containers, jars, bags, and bottles and refill them with The Refillery St. Pete.
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